Paid Employment

Paid Employment


Our cleaning crew works hard to ensure their jobs is done right. They clean our Day Services/Transportation building as well as our Corporate Offices. They preform tasks such as sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, carpet scrubbing, restroom cleaning, and trash removal.

For information about our cleaning services please call Lindsey Hudson at (419) 214-0154.


At Conteh Home Services, we care about our environment! We have a recycling program. Every Tuesday, we drive around the community to pick up recycling from our neighbors. We bring these back to our building and sort and clean the items. This gives our individuals an opportunity to earn more money and learn new vocational skills. After the items are cleaned and sorted, the cans are taken to get recycled and the money raised from that goes directly back into the program.

If you are interested in participating in our recycling program and would like to add your residence to our pick up list, contact the Day Habilitation Services at 419-214-0154. Here are items that we will accept for recycling: paper (newspaper, magazines, phone books, etc), plastics, glass, cardboard (cereal boxes, pizza boxes, and any other boxes), aluminum (any type of cans, etc.) or scrap metal.

Wood Working

Our vocational crew enjoys restoring and repairing old wood furniture. We look for donations of items to repair, sand, and refinish to sell. The money from selling these items goes back into our program to be able to provide fun free activities for our crew. If you have items you would like to have refinished or donate please call Lindsey Hudson at (419) 214-0154.

Document Destruction

Our vocational crew also does document destruction. We have our shredders running daily. If you have documents you would like shredded please call Lindsey Hudson at (419) 214-0154.


Our secretarial duties include filing, scanning, using a computer to label scanned files, and answering our phones. We have plenty of documents that need to be handled so if this is an area you may want to work in please call Lindsey Hudson at (419) 214-0154.
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